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At KC Painting Solutions of Shawnee Kansas we are known to be a tad meticulous at times. So if you find us to be exceptionally detail-oriented and refreshingly forthright, particularly in the early phases of a project, it’s only because we see one of our most valuable roles as confidence builders.

We do some of our best work before construction even begins. In fully internalizing your vision for the project, we’re able to develop a targeted solution that’s tailor-made to meet your objectives, along with the unique needs of the people who will live and work in the finished space.

We are painters. As such, we recognize the importance of a rigorous process to the success of any project. So, at KC Painting Solutions of Shawnee Kansas, we focus our efforts not just on the finished product, but also in all the steps we take to make it go smoothly. Staying one step ahead helps us avoid potential missteps. It’s a proactive way of working that constantly reveals ideas and opportunities for improvement throughout the project experience.

Shawnee Painters Near Shawnee Kansas
Interior/ Exterior Paint

The one thing can increase the value of a home more than anything else is a fresh coat of paint on the interior and exterior!

Shawnee Painters Near Shawnee Kansas
Wood Rot Repair

Even the smallest wood rot on a will make a home seem un-cared for. With out team, we will turn that rot into beauty!

Shawnee Painters Near Shawnee Kansas
Deck and Fence Staining

Your neighbors will be crazy envious when they see your beautifully new stained deck and fence!

Shawnee Painters Near Shawnee Kansas
Power Washing

Power washing can transform anything on the outside of your home from drab to fab in no time flat!

Shawnee Painters Near Shawnee Kansas
Drywall Tape and Hang

To most, dry walling and taping is a drag. To us, just another day in making homes shine!

Shawnee Painters Near Shawnee Kansas
Ceiling Texture and Repair

Nothing says "attention to detail" then the ceilings in your home. That's why we love doing them!